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"FEED ME/ EAT ME" (oil on canvas)

Thesis project
Project statement:
Each day we are inundated with images of unrealistic beauty standards, unattainable body shapes, and elite lifestyle choices. In a social media heavy society, it is easy to say that while these platforms present themselves as hubs for creativity, networking, and socialization, these are also exploitative of self-concept and identity, thus contributing to a subcurrent of toxic culture.  
In this series, I explore the qualities that accompany the “successful” Instagram feed, for and by women. These paintings reflect my relationship with my own body image and the lasting effects resulting from nearly a lifetime of online influence and indulgence. These compositions serve as a metaphor for the destruction of the female psyche as they are simultaneously being enticed into their own consumption. 
Exploring themes of beauty, gender norms, sensuality; I employ bright, appetizing colors sourced from advertising and their desire to sell and consume body image. Informed by following personal accounts of women, my compositions and their grid structure mimic the social media platform of Instagram.  


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